22 thoughts on “Xavi – The Soul of Barcelona.”

  1. we never had anyone in the world as good as xavi in his possision, he is not an attackin midfield he is a organizer he is a central middfielder he is a controller, he is a pass master and because of that he is a playmaker. when barca and spain started believeing in him he wont evey single title for his team and his country, he is the only spanish player with most titles.

  2. That Shot when A.Belbao player is sliding , what a shot !
    I keep playing the video from 1:35 .
    Keep it up

  3. Coming from the Torres nuthugger saying he is back? Clearly you have good knowledge of this game. Why are most Brits on here as intelligent as a downie kid? 

  4. People saying xavi is overratted ! Bitch please he deserves it !
    which midfielder in the world came in top 5 ranking for 5 years in a row ? its soon gonna be six !

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