Where’s Xavi? (Spain World Cup 2010) HD

Xavi Online video Score: four / five

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  1. Ja! Linda Nena, se ve que va a ser futbolista, pues a sus que seran, 5 añitos sabe que Xavi es un maestro del Futbol.
    Que envidia! los Españoles son campeones de Europa y el Mundo.
    Soy un Mexicano que se rinde ante la exquisites del Futbol Total.

  2. davithayastan2012


  3. this girl is TOO cute

  4. soooo adorable

  5. There is another video on Youtube where is shows the girl meeting Xavi and getting a shirt signed. 🙂

  6. bryanalexandercabrer

    vamos espana

  7. xavi xavi……..xavi (cry) -*-

  8. Wtf :(

  9. wtf!!

  10. elderdavilaNLVM

    @kmil07 Canada and Australia call it soccer as well.

  11. him woulda neva live it down

  12. xDxD

  13. all the kids are going that way!!! and we are going too!!! lovely hahahahahahahahah!

  14. @ronaldoyaronaldo actually she isnt a tourist. She lives in Spain.

  15. ronaldoyaronaldo

    No she was a tourist in Spain

  16. It’s soccer

  17. spain has the right to fear as ramos holds the cup


  19. Hey.. just one question, So she speaks English, Spanish and Dutch?!

  20. This is so adorable! She is the cutest little girl I have ever seen. I want a daughter now! No homo but I almost cried when she actually met him.

  21. :'( i want fans to cry for me when im pro 😎

  22. trollingtrolltrolson

    look on your right there is lots of videos about it

  23. how do u know??!

  24. i´m crying like a baby hahaha