23 thoughts on “Xavi Hernandez – Barcelona Maestro [BY DEN]”

  1. xavi is the most underated player in the world. he is my favourite passer. him and iniesta dominate midfield. and i am a real madrid fan. i have great respect for xavi and iniesta

  2. Well then, I am a Milan fan but that doesn’t mean I speak italian! You can’t judge me by my profile I’ve been a cule since ever, since I was a little kid! And I’m glad you’re not a Madrid fan! I’d hate to see a Milanista supporting Madrid 🙂 Besides I’m not a Hardcore milanista I just like them, I’ve been watching them for only 4 years!

  3. I’m sorry, speak Italian, my name is Ricardo Martinez Madrid, not a Real Madrid fan. If you are a Milan’s fan then speak Italian…I can see from your profile you’re another band wagon Barca fan just because they’re winning everything.

  4. No! Xavi never dived! Fyi I’m a cule and a Milanista I would judge it right! But your a Madridista why am I not surprised you’d say that and more!

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