Messi’s decision should be respected according to Xavi

Xavi has declared that people should respect Lionel Messi’s decision to retire from international football.

Indeed, the Barcelona striker has stated that he will not be playing for Argentina again after their recent defeat at the Copa America final against Chile. Since then, many football personalities and players have asked Lionel Messi to come back to his decision, but the Argentina forward has yet to make a declaration.

Xavi believes that we should respect his decision and not attempt to pressurize him to come back. Xavi said that Lionel Messi has been giving his best for his national team and instead has always been frustrated by the results. He said that the player has earned the right to make his own decision regarding his career and that people should leave him alone.

He said that people have no right to judge him. If he wants to play for Argentina again, that is his decision and that we should respect him. He believes that Lionel Messi is one of the best players in history and yet has experienced a lot of frustration with Argentina. He believes that the player has every right to be downhearted and to retire.

Xavi said that Messi is a simple guy, but he also gets angry like everyone of us. He believes that he has been frustrated with the constant failure of Argentina to win a final. Indeed this is the fourth final that Argentina has lost in recent years.

Lionel Messi has stated that he does not want to play for Argentina again as it hurts a lot to lose in a final. He said that he will be focusing the rest of his career on his club Barcelona and will prefer to give others the chance to play for Argentina.