Pep Guardiola has always seen the English Premiership in very high regard

As per Xavi, Pep Guardiola has always seen the English Premiership in very high regard and it was his aspiration to be a part of the competition as manager one day

Guardiola has dropped hints that he would not stretch his tenure in Germany where he has been in charge of Bayern Munich for the last two and half years.

The Spaniard is likely to sign for one of the top clubs in England at the end of the ongoing season.

Very few would know Guardiola better than Xavi as the two spent a number of years working together.

Xavi played alongside as well under Guardiola at Barcelona.

Speaking about Guardiola’s desire to manage Premier League clubs, the veteran playmaker, who now plays his Football in Qatar, said, “While we were working alongside in Spain, he would so often speak of English Premiership and its standard of Football.”

“It was not difficult to make out that he wanted to make his way to England at some stage and manage in the Premiership.”

When asked if Guardiola would be as successful in the English League as he has been in the leagues in Spain and Germany, Xavi said, “I don’t have the slightest bit of doubt about it. Whichever club in the world Pep joins, he has got the ability to make it successful.”

“He has been very popular at both the clubs he has managed so far and that’s because he favours the brand of Football that the supporters embrace, but, for me, what’s the most impressive quality of him as a manager is that he ensures everyone is at ease in the group. He creates that sort of environment. You ask any player who has played under him and he will tell you how positive he has felt.”