Aaron Ramsey believes that Walcott can enter Arsenal’s 100 goals club

Aaron Ramsey is confident that his teammate Theo Walcott can reach the 100 goals mark and that he can accomplish this in the new season of the Premier League.

“He is a goal scorer. He has a load of goals for Arsenal and I think he can carry that on and maybe get into the 100 club this year. He’s a very strong character. He believes in his abilities and he definitely has a lot of qualities to offer.One of the hardest things to do in football is to put the ball in the back of the net and he’s done it on numerous occasions for Arsenal’’ Aaron Ramsey said as he praised Theo Walcott.

Walcott has scored 76 goals in 306 appearances for Arsenal which means that the English player will have to score at least 24 goals in the 2015-15 season of the Premier League which kicked off a few weeks ago.

Never in his career has Theo Walcott ever managed to score as much as 24 goals in a single season but Aaron Ramsey believes that his partner can do it however this will depend on a number of factors including how many appearances Walcott manages to make in this new season of the Premier League as well as in what position will Arsene Wenger place the English player.

Walcott is rumored to have a new role in Arsenal in this season as he is believed to be deployed as a central striker and play alongside Olivier Giroud as the main attacking figures of Arsenal and if Walcott is indeed placed in a more offensive position, then his amount of goals will probably be increased but there is something else which might threaten his chances of scoring goals and it’s the possibility of signing Real Madrid’s Benzema.

KarimBenzema has entered the radar of Arsene Wenger and the French forward might be offloaded to the Emirates Stadium depending if Arsenal launch a good enough offer.

If Arsenal does manage to sign Benzema, he will turn into the new attacking figure of the Premier League club and Walcott’s chances of reaching the 100 goals mark are going to be limited and extremely difficult to accomplish.