Barcelona Legend Xavi: Most Of The Football Matches Are Boring

Xavi was in Spain and was playing international. He won lots of trophies through a sparkling career during his tenure with Spain, but recently he said he is exhausted of how some teams play. The legend of Barcelona, Xavi recently revealed that most present time football are not interesting. During his spell, he was known as the bested midfielders in it, he got the opportunity to play with probably the two biggest teams of the world in the history. While playing with Barcelona, ​​he won titles La Liga.

And while playing for Spain, Xavi made good contribution made the team to win two European Championships and a World Cup too. According to Xavi, he managed to win all games, because he was trained in a specific manner and learnt some unique styles, but Xavi is fedup of watching the teams playing without any possession. Moreover, he accept that for him it is good to see examples of what training should not be given.

In an interview, he shared his view about present time football and said “I am admitting the football matches I am watching these days on TV are too boring. Most of the teams are cumbersome and they are playing a repetitive football matches. Now, the teams that has been created in the pattern of 4-5-1, does not interest me anymore.

“However, for me it is good as by watching these I got to know about things which I do not have to when I become the coach. Now, with experience I developing a clear plan how I have to train my team and how it will play. But it is not like Xavi does not like any of the team, he admires of Diego Simeone, the boss of Atletico Madrid.