24 thoughts on “Xavi – 132 Assists for FC Barcelona (2001-2011)”

  1. Youtube “Hugo Perez US Best attacking mid” and you’ll his highlights Most gifted US player ever
    The team would constantly look for him just like Barca finds Xavi. Really fun to see.
    Cruyff tried to get him on Ajax for 2 years but MISL did not release him
    You will not regret it. I promise

  2. Damn, reminds me how good Saviola was back then

    Michael Owen, Beckham, Saviola, everyone that joins Madrid are burried permanently

    and players who left them like Cambiasso, Samuel and Sneijder has won champions league

  3. en 2002-2003 falta el gol de Cocu con pase de Xavi contra Espanyol , yo creo que desde 1998 hasta 2012 Xavi tiene casi 180 asist de gol .

  4. tá errado uma coisa 129 e dps 131 ? q é isso? 16:15 á 16:23

    tá errado =/

  5. Everbody seems to forget Xavi as they all celebrate by themselfs, he is way too underrated.

  6. Stunning version of Adele – Rolling in the Deep to go with a stunning player.

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