25 thoughts on “Team Analysis Part 2: Spain ft Casillas, Villa, & Xavi (2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa) Sports”

  1. niqqa u fucken suck wat u playin in beginner n torres sucks dick villa is the shit so dnt make video no more ight u suck

  2. im american i call football soccer hehehe! u fag licker its Foot Ball not soccer

  3. One it’s Football two Torres sucked because he didn’t properly recover to an injury so really you need to learn your football

  4. He posted this before the end on the world cup stupid. Fabregas did play more than 20 minutes and in fact did give the game winning assist to Iniesta in the final. Torres only sucked because he was coming off of a knee injury and wasn’t up to football speed because he didn’t have enough time to get into proper shape.

  5. ummmm fabragas played 20 min =s the whole world cup and u choose him wow were is Xavi dumbass and torres also sucked this world cup learn soccer then come talk about ighhhht

  6. i hate ronaldo but amazingly he didnt play like spain played today! spain shud really get n oscar for this

  7. Spain is not a team of jumpers and divers. WTF! They’re one of the classiest teams alive. Compare almost every ending game highlights and stats. The opposing team has almost always double or triple the fouls Spain incurs. I’m so sick of hearing lamers making such a fabricated claim against Spain.

    Suck it!


  8. Hey no problem, thank you for beign a cool american sports fan and recognizing that football (soccer lol) is in fact an amazing sport. You make excelent reviews in my opinion and i’ll keep watching them 🙂 And don’t think you’re out of place, football (soccer again lol) is a world-wide sport of which everyone can be envolved, that’s the reason why FIFA hold the World Cup in South Africa to show that football (well you know soccer xD) is for everyone 🙂

  9. Thank you for the kind words! There are so many people making World Cup videos for Machinima Sports I don’t know what to do! Seems like I am a little out of place 🙁

  10. Well you could do Portugal, good team, and underdogs 😀 hehehe we never won a World Cup and not even a European Cup, we got robbed in 2004 by Greece haha xD

    Also i’m very impressed with your respect and good-manners while talking about football, i dont know you but no doubt you are my favorite american sports fan.
    Keep it up dude!

  11. I’ve always liked Spain especially now since they are basically a copy of my lifelong team barça and I also like it when underdogs win but Spain has never won and this is the best generation of players they have ever had so if it’s not this one then it’s probably never really
    Anyway, great video and in my opinion their best midfielder is Iniesta although he plays more as a winger and Pedro and Navas have been up there too
    ps it’s pronounced “EEker” casillas and “Sesc” fabregas

  12. Thank you so much for your series!
    I really like how you’re being objective and honest when you comment, and I’ll be following your videos 😀
    ps. Casillas!!!!

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