Apr 15

Xavi Hernandez wants to end his Barcelona career on a high note

With over 490 league appearances for Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez holds the record of most matches being played for the Spanish club. He is regarded to be as one of the best and greatest footballers that have emerged from Spain out of his generation.

At the age of 35, Xavi Hernandez is by far the oldest player in the team of Luis Enrique but it has not stopped him on making impressive performances on a consistent basis as well as managing to get more playing time in the pitch than many other of his younger teammates.

When Xavi was asked about retirement, he replied by saying: “I’ll play until the legs tell me to stop, but my game does not depend on speed like others,”

 It is indeed true that Xavi Hernandez does not rely on having a superior physical strength or an impressive speed to play his game and this is something that the Spanish midfielder has been recognized for throughout his playing career which extends from 1998 and still continues going on strong. Continue reading →

Mar 13

Barcelona Skill Highlight vol.3 – (Messi, Sánchez, Fábregas, Iniesta, Busquets, Xavi, Valdés)

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Jul 12

Fc Barcelona 2011- 2012 – Xavi , Messi , Iniésta , Villa , Fabregas Skills

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Jul 12

Cesc Fabregas “The General” PES 2012

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