PES2010 Goal – Xavi (Switzerland vs Spain) Angle 1

Xavi Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. Beautiful volley.

  2. Thanks man, I used the following:-

    Fraps & Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

    Fraps Settings:-

    Record Win7 Sound Stereo

    PES2010 Settings were:-
    1440×900 resolution
    Vsync & Nullify Movie Playback ticked
    4:3 resolution mode.

    I then imported the video into Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 and used my own custom profile in there (8mbps HD) to render it to WMV and then uploaded it here. The wmv file after rendering was 70mb instead of 600+

  3. Nice quality, which soft do u use to capture?

  4. There are volleys and there are volleys. BOY was that a volley!

    Mark Lawrenson = cock.