Gol de Xavi 720p HD – Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal – Iniesta Incredible Dribble 8/3/11

Xavi Movie Score: four / five

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  1. I think xavi is more important for barca then iniesta.. the difference is very small but xavi is the heart of the barcalona team

  2. xXcarnage06Xx

    That is actually true

  3. MY name IS ZABI But alll ma frndz at soccer call me XAVI even ma coachh , he says I play like HIM sooo i am startinnn to like how XAVI playss

  4. I do support Real Madrid, but I know you know and everybody should know that iNIESTA AND XAVI ARE BOTH THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD. Messi is not so good without them, and he knows this. TOP are Xavi and Iniesta, then Messi and after CR7 …

  5. guvythecovkid

    you have sense son.

  6. 7serendipity3

    You meant Iniesta? Iniesta was directly involved in both goals (except for the penalty). Andreas penetration led to both goals.

  7. moritzpbbarvencik

    For me Xavi was the best player of the game ! His passes were amazing and he was also involved in 2 goals !

  8. 0:08-0:11 perfect combination 😮