22 thoughts on “adidas +10 Spain vs. Portugal”

  1. Catalonians, Basques, Aragonese, Galician, Asturian, Leonese and the Portuguese…? these are all ethnic groups within the Iberian Peninsula, WHO DO NOT consider themselves Castillian…but what differentiates the Portuguese culture and people from all these other ethnic groups..? very simple, the Portuguese were never conquered by the Castillians (Spaniards) and absorbed into the Spanish portion of the Iberian Peninsula…very impressive, are the Portuguese…

  2. kk im too soo.. i want that PORTUGAL win..but spain is too good:D
    portugal and spain will be 1 country.. also i want that portugal and espanha be 1 pais..:
    ht t p:// w w w.fac eb ook .c om/gr ou p.p hp? gid=1 29049 19712 5706

  3. noo, first i want my country spain win, but if for example, if spain is elimined in a world cup or an euro cup, i will support the portuguese team, its a sympatic and atractive team i like it, and is iberic too

  4. Im from portugal and my boyfriend is spanish from Barcelona .So i really love Spain.  we met in England on this summer holiday´s. I just can see him on the holiday´s but we are still in love. Te amo Victor!
    But still i hope Portugal had won the game. Força Portugal

  5. Its good to see Spain and Portugal get along really well! Portugal always come up with excellent wingers like Ronaldo, Queresma and Nani! And Spain with super midfielders like Xavi, Iniesta and Cesc. Imagine combining these two teams together! And i am an south asiano from england lol

  6. portugal y españa son hermanos!!tengan respecto!!felicidades a españa campéon del mundo!!soy portugués pero tambien mi gusta la selleccion española!!portugal y españa juntos!!

  7. soy español y si españa no gana voy con portugal.

  8. nao sei em k portugal e k tu vives… nunca foste a espanha, la porque nos eliminaram no campeonato do mundo nao ker dizer k ja sejam filhos da puta pra toda a gente…. kem e visto assim em portugal sao pessoas como tu, nao chega seres burro ainda deves ter uma deficiencia mental grave

  9. y los que somos de un lado y tenemos sangre del otro ?? el que intente enfrentarnos solo dice memeces…compartimos una historia comun o acaso no lucharon juntos contra roma, cartago, tribus centroeuropeas, musulmanes, franceses y a todo el que ha puesto el pie en la peninsula?? compartimos mas que la tierra que pisamos…

  10. españa 1 portugal 0 e isso eu vou dizer em Português … A LA PUTA CALLE ..!

  11. To subarudeputa, you are a sore loser and everything you wrote goes back to you 10 times over for you and your family. It must hurt to be humiliated and the world is just laughing at all you sore losers. The world cup is going to South America or it should go to Spain. Spain didn’t even let Portugal touch the ball in the second half. Boo to Portugal and cry back home.

  12. Este partido de jodas, realmente fue bien predicado porque Espana le gano bello a Portugal

  13. Traidor fue el Rey Joao de Portugal, que cuando el Rey de España se disponía a firmar la devolución de Olivenza, Joao invadió territorio español de la actual Argentina. Así que no solo fueron los reyes españoles ignorante.

  14. que idiotas los que insultan, yo soy español, y quiero que españa gane a portugal, pero si portugal gana a españa, yo animaré a portugal para ganar el mundial, ya que somos 2 paises de la peninsula, y será bueno para nuestra candidatura para el 2018! los que os insultais soys unos mierdas

  15. Voces espanhoies, sao uma escumalha, meu, sao como ratos de esgoto man, voces sao uns porcos de merda, nao tomam banho nem o caralho man!!! Tu tens a puta da noção de como os espanhois sao vistos em Portugal??? Voces sao como ciganos, caralho, ciganos traidores, sem escrupulos, nem principios, voces vivem sem regras morais, nem etica. Voces nao sabem o que é “palavra de honra”, porque voces nao têm honra, nao sabem o que é honra. Voces nao têm nivel, caralho, são uma merda!!!

  16. NO!! WRONG!!! You’re a spaniard refugee in Portugal with a brand new Portuguese ID in your wallet!!!

  17. Portuguese team vs a gypsy team  NICE!!!

    No wonder they are the next ones going down after greece, and when that happens, im gonna Laugh My Ass Off.

    spaniards = scum of society/DRUG ADDICTS/whores/GAYS/gypsys/MUSLIMS!!!Too bad they’re still living, too bad they still exist!! spaniards = TRAITORS !! spanish womem are nothing but a bunch of HAIRY DIRTY SLUTS with king size tits and no ass, and dark skin that makes them look like they never WASH.

    Good bye espana, scum of Europe, good bye

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