Xavi Hernández Vision | ‘Killer Passes 2’ | 10/11 | Assists & Goals

Xavi Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. Minecraft video.

  2. guvythecovkid

    thanks bro

  3. Shit edit and overedit

  4. and CR can kiss ozil fingers for whole chances

  5. MrJackson12123

    PoppinBigThings. You are the biggest piece of shit saying something like that!

  6. he’s just as good as messi and iniesta. he’s one of the best passers in the game. alot of FC Barcelona’s bst goals wre set up by a pass from xavi. who cares if mesi and iniesta were there before him? he made a name for himself. enough so that he has a lotof critisizers. having those are good. it means your signifigant

  7. @yoyothriller do you even watch barca play xavi is wayy overrated before messi and iniesta came onto the team to make his passes something he was a nobody.. he is not even much of a playmaker he is just there to compose so please dont rate him as if he is better than messi or iniesta

  8. DenerSlimShady

    Até eu viro artilheiro com o Xavi por perto asudhsaudh

  9. wat does obama have to do wit xavi, or am i so special that only i noticed the obama thing?

  10. PoppinBigThings

    I play for Barcelona’s youth squad and Pep Guardiola came to one of my game and called me the next Xavi

  11. ricardo benguche

    LOVE the way Pep Guardiola celebrates a goal

  12. 1:38 nice skill nice play

  13. xavi only gave messi about 4 assist last season u dumb shit messi was the top assisting player in la liga and in Europe u dumb shit

  14. My hero :DDDDDD

  15. sissisammakko

    1:37 HOLY SHIT !!

  16. sissisammakko

    I really respect these ” only one club players ” Xavi is the best midfielder ever and barcelona needs him! Xavi is awsome !!!

  17. Great player 🙂 Xavi is the best midfielder at this time 🙂 what’s name song?

  18. @bullweih10 fabregas should take his place thumbs up if you agree fabregas next xavi

  19. @bullweih10 fabregas should take his place thumbs up if you agree fabregas next xavi

  20. @bullweih10 fabregas should take his place thumbs up if you agree fabregas next xavi

  21. xavi for jeffren ????
    in 20 years xavi will be better than jeffren ever will be. sure he is a good player but nothing gainst xavi

  22. you mean thiago

  23. This Man and Leo Andres Messi
    is a DYnamite DUO that will change the history of barca
    and the football

  24. he getting old now so jefrren should take his place

  25. @DANNYISHRANDOM haha wtf? would you mind explaining how this happened?