Xavi Consistent. Claims 100%

Barcelona midfielder Xavi has claimed that the players will be giving the 100% in order to be champions of Spain as the end of the season. Barcelona have the opportunity to win the league title, despite the poor form throughout the campaign, by managing a win over Atletico Madrid on the final day of the season. Atletico failed to grasp the huge opportunity they received last weekend when Barcelona failed to get a victory against Elche. This provided them with the opportunity to win the league title by getting three points against Malaga.

However, the league title has been taken to the final day of the season after they also managed a 1-1 draw. The final match of the season for both clubs will be at the camp Nou, which gives Barcelona a sizeable advantage compared to Athletico. Midfielder Xavi has been one of the consistent players for both the Catalan club this season. He states that they will be going all out to get the win and seal the title. Real Madrid are now out of the picture after a 2-0 defeat against Celta de Vigo. This could also be one of the final league titles for Xavi and Carlos Puyol.

The latter has already that he will be leaving the club at the end of the season.

“We have got a historic opportunity and now we cannot mess it up. The league is over nine months and we have worked hard to get here. It has been a difficult year off the field but we deserve to win the league title. Everything is in our favour now. We’re at home and the fans have to get behind us from the first whistle to the last. We have got all the players, we have got the experience of what we have done over the years, we are hungry to win titles,” said Xavi.