18 thoughts on “World Cup: Spain’s Squad Announced ft. Torres, David Villa and Xavi (FIFA South Africa 2010) Sports”

  1. americans know as much about football as i know about rounders. why blog about something you don’t and never will understand. please! save the patronizing.

  2. @xSouthSide13
    i swear u fucking youtube whore r all faggots. i was being sarcastic. r u really that retarded? i kno that is not rape. and u retards take everything so seriously. and no. i hav a life and dont waste my time on videogames like u probably do.

  3. “bra” calm down . it was sarcasm dumb shit. i know they should have won

  4. learn your shit bra, getting raped is when u get outplayed spain only allowed 2 shots on net. Spain was unable to score becuz the swiss played pussy ball and played for the tie (as always they tied 3 times last world cup) they just caught a lucky break and won that was far from rape.

  5. Im covering group h in the world cup, this video kind of defeats the point in my video being shown really!!

  6. he is called Sergio Busquets and the squad was named weeks ago no offence to you dude just Facts and NO FERIDNAND !! Heskey injured him the fat prick !

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