23 thoughts on “Ozil praying before a match”

  1. i respect him so much, even though he is rich but he’s never forget where he come from n most importantly that he never abandon islam.. not like some other people, when they bcame rich they forget everything, forget where they came from, forget who give them the succes.. so mesut ozil, u got all my respect for u.. alwys rmember who we really are n never2 forget that..

  2. the reasons why I love him >> 1) his skills 2) handsome 3) moslem 4) a religious person. HE’S MY TYPE !! 😛

  3. I love Ozil Very Much. No matter he is a moslem or not. But …. fortunately I am moslem from Indonesia. I like his eyes.. It really beutiful. It’s also amazing that He is an advout moslem football player. I love you Ozil.

  4. He’s not praying .. This isn’t how Muslims pray .. This is called Duaa I dont know how it’s written but Duaa means .. Asking God for what he wants .. By raising his hands to the sky and telling him all what you want from him .. And Allah will always be there for you !

  5. I was just asking for his respect for the believes of others.. bcuz other people might find his comments offending. always treat another person with respect. there are times and places where people can make jokes,there is nothing wrong about that. a life without humor,is a life without life it self..

    but if i know a person is blind, i won’t make blind jokes..
    you still can make them.. but you have to know the blind person,and feel that there won’t be any hard feelings after..

  6. How exactly is he being disrespectful? He made a joke, in which case he’s not being serious, so thats not disrespectful. Maybe thats how he feels and he’s expressing his opinion, and he’s got every fucking right to voice it.

    “No you cant tell me what you beleive because it might upset what I believe.” What kind of fucking logic is that.

    Ozil is class, and no matter what he’s doing before games, he’s certainly doing something right 😉

  7. correction*…. There is only one God….. and they call him Lionel.

    Show some respect please

  8. Man its only one God but diferent religions . If you belive in God you must know that .

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