Lionel Messi & Andres Iniesta | 2011/2012 – The Magic Duo | HD

Xavi Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. moluksefreefighter01

    Its so funny how defenders always looking at eachother when messi scores a goal after a beautifull dribble, they always like yea i thought you had him, 1:41 the one against madrid is the funniest. Casillias is like wtf guys? and they like yea i thought he had him, LOL.

  2. Lately it seems that every Barca video that i like is made by this channel. Superb editing, original ideas and good music (not sure about this song though lol). Quality channel well done.

  3. IvanMessiBarca

    Barcas manager squad: Messi Xavi iniesta puyol for main managers and valdes goalie coach… 😀 One day people ,barca will be even stronger.

  4. Pedrooooooo17

    they did not play well. barcelona have had like 20 chances per game although chelsea TRIED to defend their ass out, yes. especially with 10men. and they got the luck that barcelona DID NOT put any of their chances away. chelsea defended, because there was no other way. AND STILL it was NOT in their hand. chelsea did not won. but barcelona lost. torres: /watch?v=Rm9Ua8Ahmko barcelona chances: /watch?v=O-gq7zqpFLY -> GOOD defending? or just BAD luck & finishing? come on man.

  5. Come on Man. Chelsea Played well. Defended their ass out!

  6. press 6, goodbye 🙂

  7. Now add Neymar to the list and Barca will be unstoppable. Just the though of seeing Messi – Neymar – Iniesta combining with one touch passing in the tightest of areas. I can’t wait to see Neymar in Barcelona. With them three, they will be able to overcome any team that parks the bus.

  8. tecktonikboyfull

    why no top comment about Iniesta 🙁

  9. maybe xavi could be there , just an opinion. perhaps fabregas too, , if u think not, just take a look around the team…………..

  10. Pedrooooooo17

    was the season before.

  11. Pedrooooooo17

    i rather loose in style than win without even playing the game (like chelsea). proud of what they do.

  12. Good video, horrible, cheesy music.

  13. 24silverarrow

    messi+xavi+iniesta=THE BEST

  14. Highlander9367

    its not a bad song far from that but its so ugly on a football video…

  15. messi is the best

  16. Messi and Iniesta combining, it doesn’t get any sicker than this. There is no more beautiful link-up between two players than between those two, arguably there never has been. There needs to be a massive compilation, one that involves other seasons as well. Messi’s goal against Arsenal in combination with Iniesta’s assist is about the sickest goal I have seen, they also scored an incredible goal against Valencia at the Mestalla during the 08/09-Season.

  17. 82 goals if we count the national team goals.

  18. 73 goals 🙂

  19. And Manchester United In 2008!! :D

  20. Highlander9367

    here it is /watch?v=XoCufP8nOSQ

  21. Highlander9367

    u forgot in this video the wonderful goal that messi scored against arsenal in champions league assist from iniesta go to messi he pass over almunia n score

  22. Both, best players on Earth!

  23. lol. true. Cheers mate 😉

  24. SonicNeymarHD

    Unfortunately yes, but don’t worry nobody will remember Chelsea is a champion’s league winner.
    And when Barcelona lose, the winner win the champions league ( Inter in 2010, Chelsea 2012 )

  25. Luthfirrahmandika

    man its 73 now!!! haha