14 thoughts on “Goodbye Fifa 11 Hello Fifa 12”

  1. awesome vid, but don’t copy other youtubers music that they use in fifa videos, be original

  2. Thanks:) The song is a remix. Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Nilow Remix)
    Search on it on youtube and u should find it:)

  3. Awesome Video, A promising Start 😉

    Can you tell me the song name please 🙂

  4. Hold down LT and press X (on Xbox 360). And yeah its all about the position, try to get the ball the weaker foot and he should do it. Allthough he gotta have the flair attribute (eccept for in the Fifa 12 demo, there everyone can do it… glitch)

  5. Also to do the rabona its all about potion right and what buttons do u press when u do it

  6. First of all, if u liked it, LIKE IT!:) The berba spin? All u gotta do is to holt LT, then move right stick in the direction ur moving(forward), then to either left or right. But in game if u are running in the direction to the oppositions goal then you move the right stick rightant then either up and down. Simple!


  7. Nice liked i just dont get how to do the spin u done at the start still haha can u explain it and also how do u do it when facing different ways?

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