19 thoughts on “Fifa 12 : Breaking down Formations ( 4 2 2 2 )”

  1. don’t get many comments on these any more but i will try give you a tip. i would maybe swap nilmar for pato and put a stronger attacking midfielder in nilmar’s place. or if possible get a stronger forward someone like hulk or julio baptista. hope it helped i tried 😀

  2. Do you think this squad is good im close to having the full squad 2 players away:


     Nilmar Neymar
    Robinho Pato
    Luis Gustavo Willians
    Marcelo Lucio Naldo Rafael

    I plan on changing Naldo with Maicon and rafael with any1 else but does the formation fit the players skills well? im changing pato and robinho in CAM with the modifier card

  3. BEST CDM’s:

    Yaya Toure (Beast)
    Javi Garcia (IF) 30 k (too expensive)
    Schweinsteiger (Best score in the game 87)

  4. how to play 4-2-2-2 do you play through the middle since the wing isant to good or are there other options??

  5. did you say it was good for passing teams? the sound was unclear when you said:)

  6. Great for a brazilian team with the skillers in the attacking mid in: robinhio , ganso , ronaldinhio. And great for bundesliga with attacking mids such as: kagawa , Gotze , Muller.

  7. you sound like you were making this video in the bathroom lol great though!

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