Alleke meets Xavi in Premi Catalunya

Xavi Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. Why do they speak spanish to her, when she is from an english speaking country??

  2. davithayastan2012


  3. Tunisienforever

    she’s soooo cute :)

  4. aziz1990alaskar

    @thevintage70 Shut the fuck up bitch window licker, hahahahaha i dont think your morinho, morinho is just a mother fuckin bitch

    Anti madridista 100%

  5. Its so cute to see that this girl Really thaught that Xavi was going to get off the bus just to talk with her .. It’s not Ironic or something , In fact it’s wonderful to see that there’s still this kind of innocence in this fucked up world ! Visca Xavi , y Visca el Barça .

  6. Barcelona Fans Living In Madrid hahahah

  7. I was there too .. I called for them too .. I cried too .. But nobody called me . =(

    Xavi estàs el Mejor ! =)

  8. la cara de xavi!! 

  9. 1:43 i love these eyes !!!

  10. maquinistacataro

    tio, habla en castellano y en catalan, yo no soy catalán, aunque me caeis muy bien y entiendo perfectamente el idioma (viví dos años en Valencia). Por cierto esta niña es el futuro del mundo; si no la amas viendo estos videos estas perdido

  11. soccerpro7100

    Lucky little spoiled girl

  12. SexAppealBrunette18


  13. Can’t help it… too cute… so overwhelming..


  14. omg i wish that i can meet XAVI someday ….. i feel jealous from her,, i wish that i were in her place <3<3<3<3 i love xavi soooooooo much

  15. Im Mourinho, I hate this video, fuck Catalunya fuck pedophilia xavi fuck oldman lover alleke, I will poke their eyes blind hahahaha

  16. Yep. Im going to cry for xavi too. Get a barca shirt with my own name and meet the Xavi ”chameleon eyes” Hernandez

  17. I want to be that girl!

  18. I’ll be screaming Megan Fox ! the problem is just I’m 19 years old 🙁

  19. hasta los ninos ya saben q es lo bueno

  20. very cute Angel :)

  21. Wish i was there to see Xavi too 🙁

  22. Awww! That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen! Wow she’ll be able to tell her kids that she met Xavi and got a kiss off him! Amazing!

  23. 2:43 – 2:48 Her Dad Looks Like Arshavin Right