*NEW* ★Christian Eriksen★ Skills & Goals 2010 – 2011 • HD •

Xavi Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. Exactly, besides Barca doesn’t anyone in the midfield.

  2. barcelona has enough great players, eriksen needs to go to a club where he can play a free role and not be a part of this messi (iniesta-xavi) barcelona

  3. Barcelona* 🙂

  4. Animalcrossing6122

    Is that the guy with the amazing shot ???

  5. no macnhester united have danish contacts. stick with your french players.

  6. messithebest10100

    He wont stay at Ajax, he is too good for them. Infact he is too good for the whole Dutch League, hope he comes to Barca VISCA BARCA!!!

  7. QualityFootball2011

    Welcome to manchester united.

  8. he apparently may be going to barcalona

  9. barcalona are looking for him

  10. hij is in ieder geval niet zo cocky als andere talenten zoals guidetti en zeefuik

  11. florentino! buy him!

  12. Alex Ferguson brought me here.

  13. I so hope he stays by Ajax, we need him! Hup Ajax hup, laat zien dat je het kan!

  14. Godt lavet 😉

  15. AndreasKonigsfeldt

    Jeg er dansker og det er mig der har lavet den 😉

  16. thumps up hvis du er dansker.

  17. 4rsenal..

  18. He wouldnt go to arsenal , liverpool or chelsea. The would go to the most succesful club. MANCHESTER UNITED!

  19. Liverpool Ha , they got nothing no more

  20. Should stay at Ajax forever, He got the potential to take Ajax back to the top.

  21. BARCA!!!

  22. Ajax + Eriksen forever <3

  23. zulfadzlijaafar

    Welcome to Liverpool ! YNWA

  24. JoniheartbumXD


  25. he will be in Arsenal